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San Giorgio

Vitamine für Obdachlose
Helfen Sie uns, Obdachlose in diesen schwierigen Zeiten mit frischen Früchten zu versorgen!
Ab sofort können Sie im Shop 2 kg Frische Bio-Zitrus Früchte für die Ärmsten Kaufen. Wir arbeiten Kostendeckend und liefern ein Mal pro Woche Eure gespendeten Früchte an die Obdachlosen! 
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Michael and Georg
We are young entrepreneurs, cousins; we love healthy, sustainably grown, locally sourced and unique foods.Growing up in the Sicilian countryside we have experienced such delicious diversity. Nearly two years ago we decided that we would like to let others take part in this experience. Not only because we could deliver the best Organic Citrus Fruits directly from our Farm to Northern and Central Europe but also because we want to make a difference for Sicily. By marketing our own produce we can pay fair wages to our local Sicilian Workers, we can invest in biodiversity and in sustainability projects and we can start creating a web of producers and customers who understand that living sustainably actually means eating healthy and delicious food! What started with a dream is now a reality. Try us and we are sure, you will not be disappointed!

About Sicitry
On our Family Estate, the Ortofloricola San Giorgio, we produce Organic Citrus Fruits with focus on Old Autochthonous Sicilian Fruits such as the Blood Orange and Femminello Lemons. The name, Sicitry, is a combination of Sicily and Citrus and therefore marks the original Place and Product from which our idea began. On the Farm we grow a vast range of different Oranges, Lemons and Mandarins from November until June. In order to diversify the Farms Production and to add Products to our Portfolio we have invested in creating small lots of tropical fruit Plantations: Pomegranate, Avocado, Passion fruit, Mango, Bitter Orange and Olive Trees. These will go into production in 3 to four years.Our Aim is to create a farm where production of high quality products goes hand in hand with ecosystem Conservation and Regeneration. If you join us you will receive monthly updates on this process and on all the other Sustainability projects we support.


The Tarocco Blood Orange is the "classic" under our products. As all Blood Oranges, it turns red after the first frost in beginning of december. The colour of the pulp changes from orange to light red as the season progresses. The taste is deliciously sweet from the beginning of the season to the end.


The "Moro" is the darkest variety that is produced in "San Giorgio". It needs the frost to ripen propperly and get it´s typical dark red colour. The taste is sweet with the slight touch of sour - just the way a real sicilian Blood Orange is supposed to taste.


The Rudolfina is a new breed between the typical sicilian Blood Orange "Tarocco" and a clementine. It was bred in cooperation of the "San Giorgio estate" and the university of Catania. We are extremely happy to be upon the first companies to market this special fruit.


For any inquiries please email or call us

Mail: Contact@sicitry.com
Pick up of the Fruit:
Every Saturday 14 – 18:00 in the
von-Freyberg-Str. 1, 89356 Haldenwang

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